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Top 5 Articles Published in 2016

In 2016 we published new resources in many of our practice areas and below are the top 5 most read: 

5. FAQs about Wage Laws in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia

Claims filed for unpaid wages, also known as “Wage and Hour” cases, are on the rise. Employers must pay attention to and comply with these regulations.These FAQs from our key attorneys cover some of the main issues of which you need to be aware.

4. Paying Medical Bills Post-Accident: Terms to Know

In this article our injury attorneys explain the different sources of payment for medical billscompares how those sources differ in Maryland, Virginia and D.C.; and outlines the priority of payments that exists via statute and, where no priority exists, the priority that is most beneficial for the injured victim. 

3. Estate Planning FAQs: Making Portability Election

The concept of portability relates to the carryover of the estate tax exemption from the first spouse to die to his or her surviving spouse. Our estate and trust attorneys examine portability elections, including how to make a portability election, what happens if a spouse remarries and more.

2. Emergency Succession Plans: Does Your Business Have One?

By creating and implementing a temporary modifiable transition/succession plan, or emergency succession plan, you are able to preserve the maximum value of your business while providing a more secure future for your family and key employees. Our estate and trust attorneys outline the basic foundation for such a plan.

1. Can I Start Dating During Divorce

If you are getting a divorce, wanting to move on with your life is perfectly normal. Our family law attorneys outline some important considerations when deciding whether to start dating while your divorce is in progress. Is it considered adultery? Can dating affect custody? 

Top 5 Most Read Articles in 2016

Of all the articles we have ever posted, below are the top 5 most read in 2016. 

5. Estate Administration Document Checklist

Bringing all the required documents and information to your initial meeting about your estate can be daunting, but our estate & trust attorneys have made it simple with a quick checklist to assure you will walk in with everything you need. 

4. Special Considerations in Valuing Professional Practices

Diving into such topics as the breakout of personal and institutional goodwill, what makes professional practice more valuable than the comparables and in-depth answers for specific practice types our tax attorneys walk you through special overall considerations in valuing professional practices. 

3. FAQs about Divorce in Maryland: Marital Property

Marital property is property acquired by one or both of the parties during the marriage, but can contain many distinctions. Our family law attorneys answer question on the definition of a monetary award, martial debt, who gets the family pet and many other specific property topics.

2. Child Support in Maryland

How is child support calculated? When does a parents obligation end? These and many other questions are answered by our family law attorneys in this helpful FAQ. 
And what everyone is reading!

1. Duties of a Personal Representative/Executor

The primary duty of a Personal Representative is to protect the estate in a manner consistent with the decedent’s wishes.  Although this may appear relatively simple the importance of understanding each aspect is critical Our estate & trust attorneys break down each of the items involved including identifying assets, providing notice to creditors and preparing and filing tax returns. 

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