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It is important for your named beneficiaries on investment assets to match your estate plan. Learn why such consistency matters and other considerations for naming an account beneficiary.

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Paying attention to the statutory requirements for your Will in Maryland, Virginia or D.C. can help you begin to analyze whether your Will meets legal requirements to have it carry out your wishes following your passing. Depending on which state you live in, find the answers to: Who can make a will? How must the will be made? And, how must it be executed?

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The questionnaire collects valuable data such as contact information, financial figures (including retirement accounts, non-retirement assets, insurance, liabilities and annuities) and designation of fiduciaries (including powers of attorney, advance medical directive, personal representatives and trustees).

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Stein Sperling makes an Estate Organizer available to clients so they may maintain a personal planning and financial record organizer. This record will provide vital information in a convenient format that will assist family members, agents, guardians, trustees or personal representatives (executors) in dealing with your affairs in the event of your unavailability, mental incompetence, disability or death. 

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This checklist will help you prepare for our meeting relating to the initiation of the probate process.  Your gathering of this information prior to an appointment is greatly appreciated.  If the information is not available prior to our initial meeting, please provide it as soon as possible thereafter.

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