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How does the Probate process begin? What are Letters of Administration? How much will Probate fees cost? We answer these and other frequently asked questions about the Maryland Probate Process in this helpful resource. 

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Stein Sperling makes an Estate Organizer available to clients so they may maintain a personal planning and financial record organizer. This record will provide vital information in a convenient format that will assist family members, agents, guardians, trustees or personal representatives (executors) in dealing with your affairs in the event of your unavailability, mental incompetence, disability or death. 

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This checklist will help you prepare for our meeting relating to the initiation of the probate process.  Your gathering of this information prior to an appointment is greatly appreciated.  If the information is not available prior to our initial meeting, please provide it as soon as possible thereafter.

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A Personal Representative, or an Executor, of an estate is an individual or institution designated to administer the decedent’s estate.  As a fiduciary, a Personal Representative must settle and distribute the estate of the decedent as efficiently as possible by adhering to the directions outlined in the decedent’s Last Will and Testament and the probate laws of the state where the estate is being administered.

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You might find yourself asking whether using a Revocable Trust (in conjunction with a Pour-Over Will) as the primary vehicle for the disposition of your estate is appropriate.  The answer depends upon each individual’s circumstances.The answer depends upon each individual’s circumstances.  A Revocable Trust is a device used to manage property during a person’s lifetime and dispose of assets upon death.  

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