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This final post in a series about Paying Medical Bills Post-Accident creates a Roadmap through our region offering tips for paying accident-related medical bills around the Beltway, through Virginia then Maryland then D.C.

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This series of posts in Stein Sperling’s Resource Center explains different sources of payment for medical bills (and the interplay between them); compares how those sources differ in Maryland, Virginia and D.C.; and outlines the priority of payments that exists via statute and, where no priority exists, the priority that is most beneficial for the injured victim. This first post outlines important terms involved in the process of getting medical expenses paid, as well as common sources of first- and third-party auto insurance coverage.

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The second post in a series discussing options for paying medical bills post-accident, this article describes the four most common types of health insurance and how subrogation, or reimbursing the health insurer for accident-related medical expenses, works with each.

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Stein Sperling attorneys answer common questions about injury law and personal injury protection, ranging from how to protect yourself before you get in an accident to what to do if you are injured in an auto accident, including health insurance and car repair issues.

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Did you know that your own insurance company could be the company on “the other side,” adverse to you? It’s true! Find out what is a personal injury lawyer, how personal injury laws in Maryland, DC and Virginia affect you and why you need an personal injury attorney if you have been injured in an accident. 

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