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This resource includes the latest Federal Tax Updates from 2011.

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This resource summarizes various points to consider when valuing a professional practice.

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In United States v. Kirby Lumber Company, the U.S. Supreme Court first established the principal that the benefit to a debtor on partial or complete discharge of a liability is taxable income. Prior case law had held to the contrary. The principal is now codified.

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About six in 10 audits are Discriminate Information Function Audits (DIFs) arising from a high score in the Discriminant Index Function, a “secret” format under which all returns are scored. Returns with the highest scores are then screened by a “classifier” to determine the likelihood of inaccuracies, particularly those with significant revenue potential.

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From the millions of words in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations and the body of state tax law have emerged a number of popularly held perceptions not in accordance with law or common practice.

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