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What is e-discovery? What types of data does it cover? Are attorney-client emails always privilege from disclosure as part of e-discover? This resource breaks down the e-discovery process and answers these and other frequently asked questions.

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This resource answers common questions about litigation, including how litigation begins, how discovery works and who decides cases.

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The attorneys that practice in Stein Sperling’s civil litigation department are dedicated to employing the best strategy to solve each clients’ needs. Sometimes, this may mean utilizing alternative dispute resolution processes and techniques to assist parties in resolving disputes.

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The Maryland state courts are divided into two types of appellate courts and three types of trial courts. The Court of Appeals is the highest level appellate court in Maryland. The Court of Special Appeals is an intermediate level appellate court. Below it are the Maryland Circuit Courts and District Courts where a majority of trials are held. The Orphans’ Courts of Maryland also handle certain trial-type probate proceedings.

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