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Stein Sperling shares this library of resources with clients and friends of the firm to help them stay ahead of legal and business developments and trends. Here, you will find helpful tips and tools written by our attorneys and relevant to our areas of practice. If you have any questions about the content available in the resource center, please contact us.

How does the Probate process begin? What are Letters of Administration? How much will Probate fees cost? We answer these and other frequently asked questions about the Maryland Probate Process in this helpful resource. 

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Missteps, such as misclassification of employees and paying workers "on salary," can lead to claims against companies from current and former employees.

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This final post in a series about Paying Medical Bills Post-Accident creates a Roadmap through our region offering tips for paying accident-related medical bills around the Beltway, through Virginia then Maryland then D.C.

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Claims filed for unpaid wages, also known as “Wage and Hour” cases, are on the rise. Employers must pay attention to and comply with these regulations since the laws are complex and provide for significant penalties for any violations both through government actions and private lawsuits. These FAQs cover some of the main issues of which employers need to be aware. 

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Filing your taxes after divorce or during marital separation can turn a regular tax-season headache into a migraine. The first step to take is deciding your filing status. Can you file as Single or Head of Household? When do you need to file Married (Jointly or Separately)? Use this resource to help figure out what status is best for you.

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